SAY Architectural

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Free Consultation

Please get in touch for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your ideas, this will allow us to provide advice on design, layout, style, planning issues and building regulations.   

Survey (1-2 days)

Depending on the complexity of your existing property we will come down and carry out a detailed survey, this will include taking accurate measurements of the internal layout, elevations, site layout, drainage scheme as well as any other important areas within the project scope.

Design Stage (2 – 3 weeks)

Following initial discussions with you, a design can be developed to meet your requirements. This design will consider your needs, budget and any constraints which may exist legally, or on site. Once these building plans are agreed we will then take the next step and start preparing a final design to submit to the local authority for planning permission.    

Planning Application Stage (5-8 weeks)

Planning legislation exists and this controls the types of development which can, and can’t, be permitted. Advice will be offered to determine whether your proposed architectural design will be considered as “permitted development”, or whether a planning application will be required. The relevant application forms for these can then be completed and submitted to the relevant Local Authority along with your building plans for discussion and a decision hopefully resulting in planning permission being granted.

Building Regulations Stage (2-5 weeks)

Building regulations exist to ensure a minimum standard of building is constructed to ensure the health and safety of persons using the building. Following the receipt of planning permission, the drawings will then have construction details added to produce working drawings, these will then be submitted for building regulation approval and also used by your chosen builder to work from. We will liaise with any other third parties, structural engineers, energy consultants etc. you may have to appoint.   

and finally Construction Stage

At this stage Building Control will have issued a Building Regulation Approval for the working drawings and all that is left is for your builder to start on site, don’t worry if you require our assistance to manage the construction process, we are more than happy to do this for you on your behalf. We will work on site in conjunction with the local Building Control Officer and builder to make sure all regulatory requirements are met. At the end of this process and once everything is complete you will receive a certificate of completion from your local authority and then all is ready for you to enjoy your new space.